Cool Home Stories



Don and Libby are awesome!

For years they have volunteered to train Service Dogs for autistic children. The dog in this picture is Scout and you can see him and the boy he now serves in this KATU news story about Autism Service Dogs.

Libby’s Chiropractic office was in the street level of the mixed use development. After 15 years she was ready to make a change. I was blessed to help them sell their Brownstone as they moved to simplify their life and down size. And of course they chose to direct my standard $300 donation after every transaction to Autism Service Dogs Of America.

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Greg was thrilled when bought his 1915 home with it’s wrap around porch and the rentable 2nd living unit in back.

He loved walking to stores, restaurants and the cultural center. And the LITTLE SIDEWALK LIBRARY he installed was a huge hit! A few times a day children and adults would stop by to take out or add a book to it. Check out this movement at

Greg also planted very colorful flowers in his yard and grew plants in several yellow toy Tonka dump trucks. THE HOME BECAME A NEIGHBORHOOD LANDMARK!

But the City did not recognize his duplex as legal. I gathered docs from several sources to prove it was. This added a lot if value to his home!

His home sold quickly for a nice price to a couple with children. One of the parents is an educator and appreciated the library. And of course the ability to bring in rental income.

Greg directed me to give my standard $300 donation after each transaction to Street Roots Newspaper.

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Andre and Lindsey’s twin boys were growing up! 2 yr olds wiggled too much for their apartment so they asked me to find a home that had fenced yard space and room for the boys to play inside. After touring many homes and not having an offer accepted, we found the perfect 3 bdrm 2 bath home with raised garden beds and a play room with a piano. When Andre went in the play room he began to play the piano and said this will also be the boys music room!

But how do we win this home?  They wrote a letter about their family and the vision they had of the boys playing in the yard. Included was the story of Andre and the piano and the boys future music lessons as well as family pictures.

The seller was touched and turned down a cash offer for more money because she wanted this family in her home!

Oregon food Bank was their choice for my $300 donation.

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Carmen and Jason and their 4 boys rented a home from me for years. With 4 boys in private school, saving for a home was challenging! But here is the economic wisdom of buying: 
• You will get about 25% of you interest payment back in taxes. Easily $350 a month!
• The value will increase 5% or more in every year.
• Unlike rent, your payments don’t go up..
• You can remodel or paint what you want.
• You can rent out rooms.
• No pet rent

Not only did they get these benefits, they also found a home with a great back yard for the boys in Camas. They are planning on placing the boys in public school as they get older and Camas School District is one of the best. Plus the sense of security in know a home is theirs

They directed me to give my standard $300 donation to Cornerstone Christian Academy.

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Roger and Joanne’s Bethany home had full on solar panels that saved many hundreds of dollars a year in fuel and charged his electric car. Coupled with their wood stove they could really be off the grid! Unlike most homes with solar they were not on a long lease, the panels were paid for so this was a real plus for buyers.

We priced about $10,000 high for the market and got 3 full price or slightly over offers in a 3 days. But then an offer $20,000 over asking came in! The buyers had electric cars and loved the ability to be more self-reliant and I believe this made the difference for them. Typically, buyers seeking solar panels are in the minority, as there is usually a lease involved which lowers the savings. But they definitely attract certain buyers.

Joanne directed me to give my standard $300 donation to First Image, a ministry that helps women with crisis pregnancies. Where would you direct $300 to go to?

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Josh and Priscilla knew what they wanted: the area, the schools, the price and size. When viewing homes and I explained the pluses and minus. They had the facts. But something was missing. The FEEL! Until they found it in a mid-century modern.

The kitchen looked through a large family room through a wall of glass doors to the yard. The other direction it looked into the dining and sunken living room. All connected but still separate! The master bath soak tub looked out through a wall of glass to a small fenced Asian themed courtyard. Feng Shu time!

Virginia Garcia Health Clinics was their choice for my $300 donation.

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WOW! When I helped the Pecks find their perfect house I got a surprise. I always donate $300 to my clients favorite charity. They picked Operation Underground Railroad. This group includes former Seals and Special Ops guys who go in and rescue kids trapped in sexual slavery! Amazing!   Check them out at

As renters with 2 small girls they wanted  a detached home in a great neighborhood. THEY GOT IT. They are 1oo yards from a quiet paved entrance to Orenco Woods Nature Park with its trails, creek and play structures. The girls are enjoying planting flowers and veggies in the back yard raised gardens. Life is good!